by Lea Mariposa

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"Awake," Lea's debut album is a culmination of her healing journey over the last couple years, since she's been playing guitar and receiving songs. It was recorded in beautiful Kapoho, Hawaii. It is a chronicle of the messages she's been receiving since 2011. It comes as an offering of love, inspiration and gratitude.


released February 2, 2014

Recorded in Nectarian Music Studio with Vishaka and Mary Isis. All songs written by Lea Mariposa. Guitar: Lea Mariposa, Vishaka, Mary Isis. Ukulele: Lea Mariposa. Sarode, Bass and Guitar fills: Vishaka. bells and shakers: Mary Isis. All Other instrumental arrangements: Vishaka.



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Lea Mariposa Hawaii

Lea Mariposa receives her inspirational songs from source. They're universally channeled messages of love, healing and devotion. Living on her off-grid homestead in Hawaii, she's inspired by elemental energies of earth, sea and sky. She walks the medicine path of transformation, sharing her wisdom. Her songs are a vehicle to transmit messages to the hearts and minds of all who are ready to receive ... more

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Track Name: Awake
Out of a single flame (3x)
We are born
Out of a single heart (3x)
We take form

And we blessed with this life.
And we open up our eyes.....and awake.
We are awake.....

Out of a single light (3x)
we arrive
Out of the darkest night (3x)
We fly.

And we open up our wings, so blessed with this life
And our joyful heart, it sings.....oh...we are Awake.
Oh...we are awake.

Out of the greatest truth (3x)
We are born
Out of the deepest love (3x)
We take form

As we arise, so blessed with this life
And we open up our eyes....
Oh....we are awake.
Oh....we are awake.
Track Name: Let it Be
Love…walk with me,
as I learn to dance so humbly.
Love…soothe my soul
On this Journey, I become whole.
Learning to Love myself, I don't need to rely on no one else
Love comfort my heart
as I travel on this good red road converging and emerging from the dark (3x)

I am a blessed child of the universal mind, I am…
I am love and light and I leave the rest behind.
I am a blessed child of the sacred and divine
and Im growing in my knowing, I surrender to the flowing, let it be.
Let it be….

Compassion, walk with me as I embrace Simplicity
Compassion light up the way
as I open my eyes to the light of a brand new day
Learning to embrace it all, if I keep my heart open I shall never fall.
Love, fill my soul
As this mountain I'm ascending, never-ending leads me closer to my home (3x)


Forgiveness walk with me
In Love I am complete
Forgiveness hold my hand, as I learn to understand
Gratitude you walk by my side
In the light of love, there is nothing to hide
Surrender, oh please bless me
On this journey I'm returning to the river, I'm returning to the sea (3x)

Let it be……oh let it be…..Let it be…...
Track Name: Falling Rain

Raindrops fall on tree tops, nourishing the roots
Raindrops Can’t stop
Nourishing the fruits

Rain is falling
I am calling for
The sun to shine through
Rivers and Streams carry my dreams Now they will come true

And a rainbow is beautiful to behold
There’s a silver lining and a pot of gold
There is calm after the storm
In the falling rain…oh…oh…oh…

Teardrops….wash away the pain
Teardrops….can’t stop….this falling rain

Oh the Rain is falling, I am calling
Yemaya purify me
Rivers and Streams, carry my dreams, all the way to the sea
Rain is falling, I am calling, Yemaya purify me
Oh oh oh oh….carry me to the sea….

Chorus 2:
And a rainbow is precious to behold
There’s a silver lining and a pot of gold
There is a way to transform
After the storm…..

In the Falling Rain
Track Name: Play in the Light
It’s a sunny sunny sunny day
Won’t you come out to play
Come and play in the light.
Troubles are so far away
On this sunny sunny sunny day
Its Ok, Its alright.

Clouds have passed us by
And we’re underneath the bluest sky
We shall dance, and we will take flight….

In the Light…….In the Light……Come Play in the Light (Am/G)

It’s a sunny sunny sunny day
You don’t have to stay
In the dark of the night

Sorrow just melts away
In the warmth of the sunny day
Won’t you please give up the fight

Rain has come and gone
So come out and sing this song
It has been so long since its been this bright…

In the Light…….In the Light……Come Play in the Light (Am/G)

Take a breath, take your time
The sunshine is so sublime
Feel it moving up your spine
Illuminating your sight

Open heart Open wide
You feel just like a little child
Your love can never be denied
this is your right

It’s a sunny sunny sunny day
The doors open so make your way
And bask in the golden rays and play…..

In the Light…….In the Light……Come Play in the Light (Am/G)
Track Name: Passarinho
Little Bird Sitting in the tree
Little Bird you sing so beautifully
Little Bird I hear your joyful song
Oh How I long to sing along

Passarinho 3x
Vamos Cantar (Voar)
Oh…oh…oh…Vamos cantar (voar)
Passarinho, um Passarinho

Little Bird dancing in the sky
Little bird your circling on high
Little bird your at heavens door
And how I Oh how I long to soar
Like Passarinho

Passarinho 3x
Vamos Voar
Oh…oh…oh…Vamos voar
Passarinho, Passarinho

Instrumental Interlude

Little Bird sitting next to me
Little bird you move so gracefully
Little bird I see that you are free
And how I, how I long to be like Passarinho

Vamos Cantar….Vamos Voar….

Passarinho…. Passarinho…. Passarinho….
Track Name: We are One
You who float upon the wind
You who dwell inside my heart
I invite you, I invoke you-enter my temple lets never be apart
I open my wings……to Embrace you


Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guro devo Maheshvara
Guru Sakshat Para Brahma
Tsmai Sri Gurave Namah

Om Namah Shivaya Gurave
Satchitananda Murtaye
Niralambaya Tejase
Om Namah Shivaya…..Gurave (repeat line)

You who are the music of the stars
You who dance in the waterfall
Hummingbird something stirred in my soul when I heard your song
Give me ears to hear and a voice to sing along
(Give me ears to hear and a voice to sing your song)


You who shine in the light of the sun
You who dwell in all things
I see you I feel you flowing through the river of my life
Whispering the truth….we are one
Whispering the Truth…..We are One.


You who shine in the light of the sun
Whispering the Truth….We are One
Whispering the Truth….We are one
Track Name: Starseed
Ancient Voices, Calling through the veils of time
Awakening the codes of light, the divine that dwells inside

Starseed, you are needed to arise
Starseed, it is time to open your eyes….arise

Ancestral Wisdom, holding the vision for rebirth
Celestial Kingdom, We’re given this mission for the new Earth

Beacons of Truth, it is time to take a stand
Channels of light, unite, and join hearts and hands

Ancient Voices, spinning the reaches of space
And by our choices, we determine our fate.

Children of Love, oh, the world is shaking
Starseed, it is time for awaking

Ancient voices, calling across the veils of time
Awakening the codes of light, the divine that dwells inside

Starseed, there is a need for your grace
For the healing of this human race…
This human race….